Private skating lessons

Private skating classes are 1 -1 classes with our certified coach. You can book a time with the coach for maximum two sequential hours per day.

You can choose from one of our expert skating programmes (beginner, intermediate, advanced) with our dedicated coaches teaching you.


If you have special requirements for your training, if you are trying to reach a special target or similar, our certified coaches will prepare a specialized skating programme, customized to your needs and requirements.

Send us an email at with your requirements and we will get back to you with a specialized programme.

Private classes are paid by the hour. Classes are 1 on 1 and the coach will work on your personalized technique. Maximum of 3 people can attend the private class. For each additional person the price increases by 10%.

Please note:

All classes must be paid for before the start of the lesson, otherwise it will not be possible to proceed.
For same day cancellations of private classes or in case of a no-show a cancellation fee will apply.