We have prepared a variety of skating programmes, for all skills and backgrounds. Our programmes have been developed with certified instructors and based on many hours of first-hand coaching experience.

Based on your previous knowledge of skating, you can choose between three skill levels of roller skating classes:


Basics of skating. We recommend this class if you have no solid experience with skating or you did not skate for a very long time.

What we will teach you in this class:

  • Basic position on skates
  • Basic pushing techniques and how to start rolling
  • Basic stopping
  • Basic turning

Beginner’s course is designed to get you started skating and skate safely and independently.


The purpose of this course is to refresh the knowledge of using correct techniques of skating. It is intended for all, who attended other skating classes or learned skating by themselves.

It covers the same basic skating knowledge as the beginner’s class, but takes less hours, since less training is required.


Skaters with existing knowledge or those continuing from previous tier can continue with intermediate level skating course.

ATTENTION: Prerequisite to attend this course is successfully completed BEGINNER’S or REFRESHER course!

This course covers:

  • More advanced techniques of pushing and gaining more speed
  • New techniques of stopping
  • Faster turning and manoeuvring
  • Fun tricks and techniques to improve fitness

As part of this course one lessons will be at the Dubai Autodrome, where we can practice new techniques.


This class is intended for all of our students, who completed the intermediate level class and would like to take their skating knowledge to the maximum.

ATTENTION: Prerequisite to attend this course is successfully completed INTERMEDIATE course!

Advanced course covers the most difficult elements of skating. You will learn:

  • Backward skating
  • Jumping
  • High speed turns and maintaining speed
  • Advanced turning
  • Backwards stopping techniques

Our certified coaches can assist you on choosing the correct skill level.


We also offer special customized private skating classes, which are tailored based on your preference, fitness, previous experience and goals you wish to achieve. Contact our coaches now to schedule a meeting and to prepare a dedicated coaching plan.
Learn more about our specialized private classes.