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Inline skating programme is run as part of the after school activities at SISD, in partnership with Stryx Sports.
Roller skating after school programme in season 2019/2020 is scheduled four times weekly, on the following days:
  • EARLY YEARS (KG1, KG2): Sunday, Tuesday
  • PRIMARY YEARS (G1-G5): Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
  • SECONDARY YEARS (G6-G11): Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday


All the students are required to bring their own equipment to the skating classes.
We require all students to wear full safety gear: helmet and protective pads (elbow, wrists, knees).
Due to safety concerns students will not be able to participate without the minimum required equipment.
Required equipment:
  • Inline skates
    Inline skates are roller skates which have all the wheels set in a single line. Please note these are not quad skates with wheels in each corner.
  • Protective gear
    We recommend students have a full set of protective pads: knee, elbow and wrist guards. It is mandatory to wear knee and wrist guards at all times during the class.
    Helmet is mandatory to wear during the class. Students can use any type of protective helmet (cycling, scooter, skating helmet)
  • General sports gear
    Students should wear sports clothing. Skirts for female students are permisable, but sports pants are recommended.
    Students should bring their water bottle and a small towel.


We request the parents to kindly prepare the gear for the children before the classes:
  • Unpack newly bought items
  • Adjust the skate size to fit your child's shoe size (if skates are adjustable)
  • Adjust the helmet size and helmet straps
Although students will learn the process how to gear up in the first class and our coaching assistants will help them gear up, we kindly ask you to review all of the gear with your child and show them how to gear up by them self. This will help us maximize time available for the skating class.

In the following video you can see general instructions on how to gear-up for skating:


We request students to bring the equipment to the class in a dedicated bag or backpack. This allows us for a swift transition from the pickup areas so we can maximize the time available for the class.
Since the gear can be quite heavy, specially for the early years students, we assist them with carrying the gear from the pickup to the sports hall and back.

For all enquires about the required gear or classes you can contact us at!
Please note that registration and payments are handled by Stryx Sports.

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Photo of Dubai Skate Academy coach teaching student
Photo of SISD student gearing for class